Our Story

The Laclede County Drug Council Council (LCDC) is a nonprofit 501c(3) corporation.  Our organization is  designed to educate the public on substance abuse problems and the effects these problems create in our community.  The Laclede County Drug Council also provides resources for those wanting to overcome addiction, whether for themselves or for a family member, friend or loved one.

The LCDC was established in 2005 in response to our citizens concerns about substance abuse in Laclede County.  Problems with meth production and addiction were of particular concern.  This concern was expressed by local citizens, industrial management, civic leaders and social service providers, all who have known individuals who struggle with this problem.

We believe that addictions can be broken, including addition to meth. However, unlike other addictions, meth has proven to be one of the toughest habits to break. That is why we believe that the success and growth of this organization is vital to our community.

LCDC would not be possible without your generous donations. We would like to thank all donor’s, past and present, for their generous support of the Laclede County Drug Council.