Choices Unlimited

Choices Unlimited is a drug awareness program sponsored by the Laclede County Drug Council.  The Choices program is designed to bring awareness to students regarding the effects of illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco and violence. We believe one of the best ways to impact our community for a drug-free lifestyle is through education.


The full Choices Unlimited program is being hosted by the Lebanon R-3 School District. Choices is currently a two year program where the fourth and fifth graders participate in 6 weeks of classes lasting approximately 1 hour each week. During this time students gain knowledge about illegal drugs. Students are then presented with information how they can make wise choices regarding illegal drugs, alcohol abuse, tobacco use, bullying and violence.


The goal is to see students get the tools they need to make wise choices.


The Choices program desires to partner with parents in seeing their child(ren) get the knowledge they need to make wise choices regarding drugs, alcohol, tobacco and violence. We hope this class can open the door of communication between students and their parents; establishing a great support system for students to make wise choices.


Choices Unlimited has also held assemblies in Stoutland Schools for students in grades 3-6 for the past 3 years.


First Year Program – below is a list of lessons taught during the first year of the program


Lesson Topic Bottom Line (main thought)
Drug Awareness Knowledge is Power – Empowering students with knowledge in order to make wise choices
Addiction Addiction = Losing Control – Addictions allows something other than ourselves to control our lives
Violence Violence is a lose-lose situation – No one wins when it comes to violence
Friendship and Influence Friendship is the foundation for the choices I make – The friends we have influence the choices we make
Risk and Consequences I am responsible for the choices I make
Review and Wrap Up Getting the tools I need to make wise choices


Second Year Program – below is a list of lessons taught during the second year of the program


Lesson Topic Bottom Line (main thought)
Drug Awareness Knowledge is power to make wise choices.
Self Esteem/Decision Making How I feel about myself effects the choices that I make.
Pressure I need to stand up to pressure while respecting the rights of others.
Media Pressure Be aware of the messages that media sends.
The Truth about Drugs I need to know the truth about drugs, alcohol, and tobacco
Review and Wrap up I need to use the tools I’ve been given to make wise choices.



We are pursuing the possibility of holding additional assemblies or once-a-year classes in other districts within the county.  A plan to implement a roadmap to establish Choices Unlimited within several other districts is currently underway.

We also endeavor to expand the program to not only 4th and 5th grade, but into additional grade levels including Junior High and High School.


Laclede County Drug Council is able to offer this type of education to students based on the generous support of businesses, individuals and other organizations. If you are interested in supporting Choices Unlimited or any other endeavors of Laclede County Drug Council, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to arrange a visit or an opportunity to provide you more information regarding our current needs and how you can be involved.


For more information regarding Choices Unlimited email us at choices


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